Our Proprietary 12 Habits Framework

Our unique and proprietary approach was developed over two decades and uses the 12 Habits Framework described below. The Framework has three major elements that create balance and alignment, and instill bold action.

The result is an authentic, congruent, and fearless person. 




Balancing the needs of the four aspects of one’s life (mental, physical, spiritual, practical).




Aligning the Inner Game of thoughts and beliefs with the Outer Game of actions and behaviors.




Resolving underlying fears that create Six Major Battles between our head and heart.

Balance the 4 Quadrants of Life

Without balance between our mental, spiritual, physical, and practical self, we cannot be true to our authentic self and will always be in conflict. These conflicts show up as Six Major Battles.

The Inner & Outer Game

When our inner and outer worlds are not aligned, we are incongruent. The head battles the heart resulting in feeling stuck, confused, or frustrated. This exacerbates the Six Major Battles, which causes suffering.

Six Major Battles

As we seek balance and alignment, we identify Six Major Battles. These battles are created when our inner thoughts and beliefs are conflicted with practical aspects of life. Each battle is motivated by a fear and by resolving the fears we become authentic, congruent, and bold.

Our Promise

We promise to help you Master the 12 Habits, balance your life, and align your business to live a life with greater purpose and meaning.

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