The InnerPreneur Path is the journey to self mastery, designed for the mature executive to combine personal and professional development in a single program, centered around Mastering 12 Habits. The journey is 4 years, three habits per year, and integrates mental, spiritual, physical, and practical best practices and modalities. In essence, it is a combination of 4 advisors: life coach, professional coach, strategic advisor, and CEO support network. The program is broken into 4 stages, referred to as summiting four camps. Each lasts one year. Learn more about our unique, proprietary 12 Habits Framework.

Mastering the 12 Habits: The Innerpreneur Path Overview

Camp 1
Be Curious

"I am curious to expand my awareness of self & Others

Expand thinking
be mindful
be present

Camp 2
Be Passionate
"I am passionate about discovering my true identity, gifts, and powers"

Open Heart
Heal Self
Embrace Gifts

Camp 3
Be Fearless

"I am fearless in pursuing my dreams & balancing my life"

Ignite Passion
Be Powerful
Transmute Fear

Camp 4
Be Reborn

"I am reborn as an authentic person living my purpose"

Unleash Power
Live Purpose

12 Habits Annual Syllabus

The Annual Commitment:

  • 8 hours a month
  • 100 percent Forum attendance
  • Accountability partner
  • 20 hours strategic planning
  • Annual retreat – mandatory
  • Coaching scheduled upon registration

Monthly Commitment:

  • 4 hours in a group Forum
  • 2 hours 1:1 coaching
  • 2 hours self study & reflections

Each Forum is limited to approximately 10 participants 

Annual Program Includes:

  • 24 hours of 1:1 coaching and business advisory
  • 44 hours of group forum
  • 24 hours of self-paced work
  • 20 hours of strategic planning
  • 3 Day annual retreat (travel expenses excluded)

The Unique Program Features


Our unique, proprietary 12 Habits Framework combines four elements that are traditionally provided from four disciplines: life coach, professional coach, strategic advisor, and CEO forums. The benefits from integrating these has a direct impact and higher ROI for the entrepreneur in all facets of their life and business.


Private Community

Each Forum consists of approximately 10 members from non-competing businesses which creates a private community. 

Knowledge Library

Each forum has their own private library which includes the self-paced learning curriculum, tools, methods, tips, journals, and business best practices templates.

Networking Community

Each forum has their own private community for discussion, sharing, and networking.

Group Forum

Each month there is a four hour group forum meeting (mandatory) which focuses primarily on the outer game business strategy and best practices.

1:1 Coaching

Each month participants have two hours of private one on one life coaching. focused on mastering the 12 Habits to balance the four quadrants (mental, physical, spiritual, and practical) and to align the Inner and Outer game.

Strategic Planning 

Each Forum member will spend 4 hours in the first, second, and third quarter and 8 hours in the final quarter developing and modifying their strategic plan.

Annual Retreat

Each year there is a three day private retreat exclusively for the forum members. Participation is mandatory. Your annual fee includes the cost of the event, the venue, facilitators, and meals. Your lodging and transportation is not included.

If the 12 Habits Program is not for you, consider our monthly Circles.

Monthly Circles

Our Promise

We promise to help you Master the 12 Habits, and help you balance your life and align your business to live a life with greater purpose and meaning.

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